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Hey, a Hideki Irabu sighting!

Hideki Irabu -- a man who has two more World Series rings than Don Mattingly does -- has been playing independent ball near his California home. Now comes word that he is close to signing a deal to play independent ball in Japan. According to the article, he still has his fastball:

A year ago, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a bartender after drinking 20 mugs of beer at a bar in Osaka.

Oh wait, I mean his other fastball:

"He's still a very good pitcher," said [Japanese GM Junichi] Fujikawa. "He has good control and he throws a fastball that is close to 150 kilometers (per hour, 93 mph). I know our fans would be very happy to seem play for us."

Dude never threw 93 when he played here ten years ago, so I'm guessing this is puffery in the service of a carnival side show.