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King Felix was almost traded to the Sox

The big deadline coup deal made by the Red Sox was acquiring Victor Martinez from the Indians. But now it sounds like that was their backup plan.

According to Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times, the Sox were pushing extremely hard to get Felix Hernandez from the Mariners. Boston threw out this list of players - RHP Clay Buchholz, RHP Daniel Bard, RHP Justin Masterson, LHP Nick Hagadone, RHP Michael Bowden, LHP Felix Doubront, OF Josh Reddick, SS Yamaico Navarro - and told the Mariners to pick five. They declined.

Still intent on getting a deal done, Red Sox GM Theo Epstein tried to the gets the Padres involved in a three-way deal that would've sent Adrian Gonzalez to Seattle. Once again, the Mariners said no.

Baker notes that the Mariners didn't like the long-term prospects of the deal. Besides, Hernandez is still under contract through next year, so there was no rush to trade him. If Seattle isn't contending at this time in 2010, expect the hourly King Felix rumors via Twitter or whatever the new social netork system is being utilized.

Boston obviously has to be happy with settling on Martinez, as does the rest of the AL. Could you imagine facing a playoff staff of Beckett, Lester, and Hernandez? Yahtzee. The Yanks and Angels and whoever makes it out of the Central are breathing easier now.

This year, Hernandez is 12-4 with a 2.78 ERA in 22 starts. He's striking out 8.3 batters/9 innings while his walks are down. And every Boston fan remembers this game back in 2007. If you think I'm trying to taunt Sox fans even more, you're correct.

Here is Baker's article, a very interesting read.