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Canseco says there's a 'roider in the Hall. I hope he's right.

Jose Canseco -- who, amazingly, was available to take a reporter's call -- had this to say in the wake of Manny and Papi:

And I'll tell you this, Major League Baseball is going to have a big, big problem on their hands when they find out they have a Hall of Famer who's used.

It may be fun to speculate about who that Hall of Famer might be, but I'm not going there because parlor games are for old ladies. Interesting, though, to think about the implications of a steroid guy already being in the Hall. That is assuming there aren't a bunch there, which there could be. Steroids weren't invented in 1989, you know.

But let's say it is one guy, and we find out who it is. What then? Well, one possibility is that everyone freaks out and the writers and the Hall try to see if they can drum the guy out or something. Not likely, in my opinion, because it's totally unprecedented and if you start drumming people out, there's nowhere to stop. More likely: People realize that the world didn't end to have a 'roider in the Hall, people start to look at Bonds, Clemens and everyone else in a more reasonable light, and life goes on.

Which would be neat. Because just as Jose Canseco's initial comments in 2002 set off the whole steroids furor, perhaps his comments about a PED user in the Hall will ultimately lead to the end of the furor.

Then we can award him a prize or something.