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The Yankees need Halladay? Really?

You'd think that mere hours after Joba Chamberlain pitched an efficient, dominating game wouldn't be the right time to trot out your "the Yankees need a starter and should trade for Halladay" column, but John Harper at the Daily News trots it out anyway:

After the most dominating performance of Joba Chamberlain's much-debated career as a starter, the timing should be perfect to write something cute like: So who needs Roy Halladay? Only it couldn't be more misleading.

Chamberlain was Halladay-esque, all right, in shutting down the Rays in a 6-2 victory Wednesday night, pitching eight shutout innings as he suddenly seems to be coming of age as a starter. But that only adds to the Joba dilemma. More innings essentially means less time in the rotation in the coming weeks.

He sort of has me coming along with him until he reminds us that, if Joba was not in the rotation, either Alfredo Aceves or Sergio Mitre would be your putative Game 4 starter in the playoffs. Really? You think the Yankees are going to allow that, especially if Chamberlain continues to display his newly-found, efficient mojo? Please. They'd let Phil Hughes throw more than eight pitches a game before they'd go into battle against the Angels or Tigers with Aceves or Mitre on the mound. At least assuming they're not totally insane.

The next page over, Flip Bondy says that the Mets -- yes, the Mets -- should deal for Halladay.

Get the sense that the tabloid guys are bored today?