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Halladay continues to go nowhere; other pitchers on the move

Anyone else get the sense that the Blue Jays screwed up the Roy Halladay business? They've had him out there forever, no deals are happening, and the sense is that they're asking too much. Then, either as a result or by happy accident, Cliff Lee, Scott Kazmir (maybe), Jarrod Washburn and Bronson Arroyo all come on the market. Sure, Halladay is better than all of them and stands as a much better choice of guy around which to build a ballclub, but this is the time of year when teams are looking for short term boosts at the lowest possible prices. In light of that, and in light of all of the other available options, I can't imagine anyone wants to pay the Jays what they're reportedly asking. It's almost as if the Jays don't want to trade Halladay.

Perish the thought.