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A not-so Old Timer

As Matt mentioned over the weekend, it was Old Timers Day in Yankee Stadium yesterday. One of the timers was not so old:

At the new Yankee Stadium on Sunday, the former pitcher Mike Mussina was the newest Yankee old-timer and probably the most physically fit. He started the nostalgia game, allowing hits to the first four batters . . . When someone asked Mussina if he could come back for a partial season the way Roger Clemens did, Mussina smiled and shook his head.

"There's less than half a year left and it would take me a month, easy, to be even close to ready, and I don't know what ready would be for me," Mussina said. "Full speed might be 78 miles per hour . . . I can still play. It's just that there's a lot of other stuff involved, and sometimes that stuff wears you down. All the other old-timers are older than I am. But it's O.K. I'll be an old-timer the rest of my life."

Noted, but I can't help but think that he'd make about 20 rotations better than they currently are. Still, nice to see someone happy in retirement. It's rare that anyone leaves big time sports on their own terms, and rarer still that someone who does so sticks with it, and happily.

It's like he's the Anti-Favre.