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Quote of the Day: Bob Gibson re: steroids

Guys have always been cheating. Period. It just takes a little different form today. I'm just glad they didn't have steroids when I was playing. I don't know what I would have done. It's very difficult to go out and perform when you know the guy next to you is taking steroids or some kind of drug to make you perform better and not do it yourself, to let this guy get an edge on you . . .

. . . I don't know that I really criticize the guys. Whoever the first guy is that started it, that's the guy I criticize. The rest of the guys just followed suit. I don't think its OK. I'm not sanctioning it, but I understand why it happens.

-- Hall of Famer Bob Gibson (link launches a podcast), stating that while he thinks steroids is a bad idea and shouldn't be in baseball, the players shouldn't be vilified for trying to keep up with the competition. How reasonable. Why is it that so few other people can apply a similar brand of reason to the steroids debate?