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Join the Yankees Universe . . . now only $19.95!

The Red Sox may have a nation, but the Yankees have a whole universe:

The New York Yankees today announced the creation of Yankees Universe, an official fan club granting members exclusive benefits, unique access and special savings. Membership privileges extend to all aspects of the fan experience, including exclusive Web site advantages, outstanding discounts on official Yankees Clubhouse merchandise, and Fast Track entrance perks on game day, all for only $19.95 for a membership valid through the end of the year. Fans may sign up for the club on MLB.com or Yankees.com . . .

. . . "A membership to Yankees Universe gives fans the chance to experience a world of new and unique team essentials," said Christy Lee, Director of Yankees Fan Club. "We are proud to offer Yankees Universe to the best fans in the world."

I like how they went straight to eleven with this one. I mean, how easy would it have been to try to compete with the Sox by going with "Yankees Nation" or to even trump them with "Yankees World" or "Yankees Galaxy?" "Screw that," they said. "We're going straight to the universe! Let them top that!"

Let's see . . . the Yankees are (a) trying to instantly replicate something that, in other instances takes decades to cultivate; and (b) they're charging for the privilege. How very . . . Yankees of them.