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Correction from yesterday: 'Da Meat Hook not fit, not ready

Yesterday I linked an article in which Dmitri Young mentioned that he was fit, ready and eager to play. Today reader Wooden U. Lykteneau points me to a blog post which suggests otherwise.

First, he's not fit.

Second, he's probably not ready:

In a brief conversation, Dmitri says he's been healthy and ready to go since April, but his bat during this game proved maybe otherwise. In three plate appearances--Young couldn't get around on any fastball from Bowie's Japanese Import Ryohei Tanaka nor from BaySox Reliever Jim Hoey's tosses--striking out twice . . . As always-Dmitri Young was nice as could be to Washington's Fan on hand today. Just not sure if he really is in playing shape.

I presume he's still eager.

OK, so I guess he may not have much of a future as a player. But I'm not discouraged. In fact, I'm now even more behind the idea I had yesterday about making him a bench coach. Maybe even for the Nats. I'm totally serious here. To my knowledge, there isn't a player in baseball that doesn't like Dmitri Young, so you can't tell me that he wouldn't bring some lightness to the Nats' often uptight clubhouse. Maybe he could even straighten out Elijah Dukes. I mean, sure, Young has never been a model citizen himself, but (a) he figured out long ago out to make his outsized and unorthodox personality conform close enough to baseball's conservative social structure so as not to get him run out of the game; and (b) it's not like Dukes is going to listen to a model citizen anyway.

Dmitri Young: bench coach, part-time hitting instructor, commissioner of lightness. I like the sound of that.