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A formula to predict injuries? That's cool, for many, many reasons

This is rather interesting for several reasons:

The ability to predict how players' bodies will fare is a holy grail. With an actuarial approach, [Dodgers' trainer Stan] Conte seems to have a head start in the pursuit. He is trying to build a formula that will give teams a competitive advantage and help them avoid players who spend their days in the training room and not on the field.

Interesting because, obviously, if there's any merit to the research, it could revolutionize the game.

Interesting because Conte makes a big point that he's coming up with this formula "on his own time," rather than during business hours, which suggests to me that he's going to try and make a buck off it himself someday rather than have it be the intellectual property of the Los Angeles Dodgers. As your attorney, Mr. Conte, I advise you not to put any down payments on phat real estate yet, because the law has a very different idea of what belongs to you and what belongs to your employer in such situations.

Interesting because, if it works and benefits the Dodgers, it will necessarily harm their division rival, the Giants. Why is that interesting? Because Conte was the Giants' trainer back in the Barry Bonds years. Moreover, Conte was famously undercut by his boss Brian Sabean when Conte went to him complaining about drug dealers hanging out in the locker room back in 2000. Basically, he asked Sabean if it were OK to kick Greg Anderson out of the locker room because he was a known steroids dealer. Sabean didn't object. But then Conte, no idiot, asked Sabean if he'd have Conte's back if Barry Bonds got angry about it and tried to have him fired. According to the Mitchell Report, Sabean basically told Conte that he was on his own if that happened. You don't have to be genius to see that Sabean's baloney in this regard set up Conte as a potential scapegoat in the event someone ever raised a ruckus about the Giants' tolerance of Anderson, Bonds and steroids ("I told the trainer to do what was necessary. If he didn't . . . "). It is for trying to throw his own people under the bus, more than any dumb trade he's ever made, that everyone should loathe Brian Sabean, and it is for that reason that I hope Conte's little formula works and ends up killing the Giants.

Finally, it's interesting in that, no matter how good this ends up being, it's going to be of somewhat limited utility because of the prevalence of sheer dumb chance and freak accidents.

Speaking of which, check out the kid on the far right of this picture laughing at Ryan Dempster breaking his toe. I wonder if Conte can figure out a formula that calculates the severity of the beatings he'll take from the kids at school once the pic starts circulating.