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Umpire Foster not blind, just incompetent

This is ridiculous if true.

Derek Jeter attempted a steal of third in the first inning of Monday's game against the Blue Jays. The ball beat him to the bag, but he clearly evaded the tag, only to be called out by Marty Foster. That's when the following exchange took place:

"He didn't tag me," Jeter told Foster.
"He didn't have to," Foster said, according to Jeter. "The ball beat you."

Maybe Foster didn't really say that. I doubt Jeter is lying, but the noisy crowd can surely make words difficult to pick out. If Foster did say it, though, he deserves a suspension. I have a very poor opinion of him anyway, and he'd be right near the top of the list umpires that I'd prefer to see dismissed.

That was just one of three bad calls to go against the Yankees in the game, which they lost 7-6. Another, this one in the seventh, featured Marco Scutaro catching a relay while already off the bag at second base. The fielder's choice was granted, though, and for once, I didn't mind the call. Eric Hinske had aimed his slide about three feet to the right of second base and never actually did touch the bag. That's two of my pet peeves on the same play, and if it had been my choice, Hinske would have been ruled out for interference anyway.