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The Rangers financial woes shouldn't hurt them in 2009

I've made a lot recently about the Rangers' financial troubles. In light of them, my first thought was what a shame it would be if those troubles prevented the Rangers from making the sorts of moves they'll need to make to stay in the NL AL West race this season (sorry; I didn't get much sleep last night). Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News makes a good point about that, however:

I think it's pretty obvious, however, that with so much having been made of this team's No. 1-ranked farm system and an all-but-established target of 2010 as the time to pursue the playoffs, the Rangers won't be big players at the trade deadline.

If help comes, it could be from the bats of Josh Hamilton, finishing his rehab in Oklahoma, or top hitting prospect Justin Smoak, just promoted to Triple-A from Frisco.

If there is bullpen help to be found, it could be top pitching prospect Neftali Feliz, recently moved out of the rotation, carrying the kind of role Tampa Bay's starter Saturday night, former No. 1 overall pick David Price, performed for the Rays last September and October.

Behold the power of a strong farm system. Also behold the weakness of not living on the west coast: the first place Rangers and Angels face off in a three game series this week -- with Josh Hamilton back in tow for Texas -- but most of us back east won't get to see it due to the late hour. Sigh.