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Carlos Zambrano is not the Cubs' biggest problem

Sticking with the Cubs, the Tribune's Phil Rogers has a suggestion:

Get Carlos Zambrano out of here, even if the Cubs have to give him away. He's not the guy you want as the ace of a curse-busting team, and at this point, it's wishful thinking that he'll ever mature into that guy.

Proving that I did not attend Kellogg, Wharton or even the Acme School of Business, I offer this proposition for Jim Hendry: First thing Monday morning, put Zambrano on waivers. If anyone claims him and the $62.75 million left on his contract, which runs through 2012, immediately trade him for whatever is being offered, from a bag of balls to a 32-year-old minor-leaguer.

I didn't say a good suggestion.

Setting aside the fact that there are no revocable waivers right now, which means that if someone claims Zambrano he's gone, this is a loopy idea borne more of a columnist with writer's block than anything approaching good baseball sense. Zambrano is no man's idea of a calming influence, but he's pitching more or less the same way he always does. A little better by some measures, actually, and he is certainly not the reason why the Cubs are in the trouble they are right now.

It's one thing to complain that he gets too much money for what he produces -- and he probably is a bit overpaid, actually -- but suggesting you get rid of the guy? Please.