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Hey Phillies! Call the Dbacks!

Phillies' GM Ruben Amaro has a problem:

I talked to Amaro on the phone yesterday, and while he said that upgrading the starting rotation remains his "main focus," he said he doesn't yet have any willing trade partners. The problem, evidently, is two-fold: a) Some of the pitchers who ordinarily would be on the market (Jake Peavy, Erik Bedard, etc.) are injured; b) Some of the teams that were expected to be trade-deadline sellers (Rockies, Reds, etc.) haven't completely dropped out of contention.

"No one's out there dealing anybody or wanting to part with anybody because the pitchers who are available are, one, hurt, and two, pitching for teams that don't think they're out of the race yet," Amaro told Philled In. "I know because I've asked about every one of them."

Ruben! Put Circling the Bases in your RSS feed and your problems will be solved!