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Quote of the Day: 'I suck. For real. I'm getting old.'

Orlando Cabrera, after making two defensive mistakes yesterday:

I suck. I don't even know how to describe it. I suck. For real. I'm getting old, maybe. Maybe a day off is what I need. I'll take it if there's a spot they want me to do that.

Normally I'd say that Cabrera is being overly hard on himself, but that's a tough argument to make for someone who's hitting .234/.285/.295 with 11 errors and an Ultimate Zone Rating of -5.2 runs in 65 games.

And yes, maybe he is just getting old. Not many shortstops have remained Gold Glove-caliber defenders in their mid-30s and he'll be 35 years old in November. Luckily he has hugs from Jason Giambi to lighten his mood.