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The Yankees do their fans a solid

As I mentioned in the recaps this morning, the Yankees were nice enough to let the people who waited out the five and a half hour rain delay move down to the good seats once the game got going. Sure, that seems like an obvious move and one that wouldn't bat an eye if it happened in any other park, but the Yankees don't have much of a customer-friendly track record these days, so kudos are in order. They get more kudos for this:

All fans with tickets for Thursday's game can redeem the used or unused ticket for a free bleachers, grandstand or terrace seat at a non-premium game in 2009 or 2010. Fans also have the option of using their ticket as a coupon to purchase a half-price ticket in any other non-suite seating location for a non-premium game in 2009 or 2010.

Rain checks are common when the game doesn't go, but most of time you're s.o.l. if you simply don't want to wait around for the game. This was a rather extraordinary delay, however, and good for the Yankees for acknowledging it.