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Pirates turning down offers for Ian Snell

Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette passes along an interesting trade tidbit:

The Texas Rangers have inquired with the Pirates about trading for starter Ian Snell, but the Pirates have engaged no team seriously in such talks, largely because other teams value Snell as a reliever, and the Pirates will want a starter's worth in return.

Snell is 1-7 with a 5.25 ERA after going 7-12 with a 5.42 ERA last season, giving him a 4.78 ERA in 114 career starts, so the Pirates probably shouldn't hold their breath waiting for another team to give them "a starter's worth in return." With that said, his track record suggests that Snell could be a pretty effective reliever.

Focusing on his fastball-slider combo while ditching his changeup would help Snell given the lack of success that he's had with his third pitch over the years and his shaky command would play better out of the bullpen. Beyond that, he's allowed a .745 OPS against righties compared to an .880 OPS against lefties during his career.

If the Pirates don't want to trade the 27-year-old right-hander, maybe they should at least listen to what the other teams are saying about Snell's ideal role.