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Sosa buries baseball in avalanche of non-surprise

Judging by reaction around baseball, Sammy Sosa testing positive for steroids (just a report at this point, mind you) is akin to saying the Yankees have a big payroll. Is anyone surprised? Ummm … that would be a big fat no.

In fact, surprise was the word of the day. A sampling …

  • Lance Berkman is not at all surprised: "That's not that surprising at all. There are just certain guys that you pretty much know without coming out and making an out and out accusation, but it does not surprise me, not even a little bit."

  • Don't even try to throw a surprise party for Aramis Ramirez: "Nothing surprises me anymore. Everybody talked about it, but I played with him for two years here and I never saw him do anything wrong."

  • Joe Torre is surprised when his own player gets caught, but not by anyone else: "As far as being surprised, I was surprised with Manny. And after that, I mean, how can you be surprised anymore? After Manny, how can you be surprised?"

  • Lou Piniella is surprised you would even ask him about it: "I don't know that much about it. Maybe if managers had been trained a little more in these areas, I could answer better, but I don't know. I wouldn't know a steroid from a reefer."

  • After dealing with A-Rod and now Sosa, Rangers GM Jon Daniels seems to wish he could be surprised: "But it's the same reaction as I had with Alex [Rodriguez]. You hope it's not true. But, unfortunately, nothing would surprise all of us at this point."

  • Don Mattingly hopes these non-surprise surprises are going to soon come to an end: "I don't think it surprises anybody any more. I think it's good that we've got a policy in place. … "Obviously, there's a lot of guys. I'd just go ahead -- if there's 103 guys, let's get 'em all out. We'll know who's who and go from there. We'll get it over with."

  • White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone is surprised that Sosa drew attention to himself: "I'm kind of surprised that he came out for an official retirement, because sometimes when you do that and make a comment as he made, it has ramifications that you can't foresee and in this case, these are some of the ramifications."

  • And perhaps most surprising is the reaction of Angels reliever Darren Oliver: "Better him than me. He's the one who has to deal with it. It seems like if you are caught with this, you can kiss the Hall of Fame goodbye."

    You want a surprise? Oliver might now have a better chance than Sosa at the Hall of Fame. I don't think anyone would have expected something like that.