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Poor Blackburn: Twins trot out awful outfield D

Denard Span is away from the team to have his recent dizziness examined and Carlos Gomez is in manager Ron Gardenhire's doghouse, so the Twins are trotting out perhaps the worst defensive outfield that I've ever seen for this afternoon's game against the A's.

Michael Cuddyer is making his second career start in center field after spending the past four seasons displaying below-average range in right field. Jason Kubel is replacing Cuddyer in right field after spending most of the past three seasons at designated hitter because of his bad range and worse knees. And Delmon Young is in left field, where he's posted the worst Ultimate Zone Rating in baseball since the beginning of last year.

If there's been a worse defensive starting outfield during this decade that didn't involve someone literally dying on the field, I'd love to hear about it. In the meantime, I'll be saying a prayer for Twins starter Nick Blackburn.