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MLB Draft Winners

- Colorado - 11th overall pick Tyler Matzek was the best high school pitcher in the draft, and outfielder Tim Wheeler and left-hander Rex Brothers were nice grabs at No. 32 and No. 34, respectively. Second-round third baseman Nolan Arenado also could have been picked earlier. The Rockies could have gone cheap in order to free up more cash for Matsek, who is sure to demand a big bonus, but they decided to keep adding legitimate prospects. If they get everyone signed, they'll again have one of the most talented farm systems in the league.

- Kansas City - The Royals were believed to be considering catcher Wil Myers at pick No. 12. They instead took Aaron Crow there, only to find Myers still available when their next turn came up at No. 91. Crow, the Nationals' first pick last year, is a future third starter or closer. Fourth-round Chris Dwyer could be a third player to command a seven-figure bonus.

- Texas - 14th overall pick Matthew Purke and 44th selection Tanner Scheppers were both viewed as top-10 talents by some. Scheppers, who was drafted by the Pirates last year, fell because of concerns about his shoulder, but he should be signable after already sitting out one year after college. Third-rounder Robbie Erlin and fifth-rounder Ruben Sierra Jr. also could have gone much earlier. The Rangers probably won't sign them all, but adding three of the four to the system would be a nice coup. Unfortunately, the skeptic in me wonders if Tom Hicks' team took so many tough signs because the well is empty and the team didn't want to pay slot money to players who would be more eager to take it.

And from the it could have been worse department…

- Brody Colvin - Rated Baseball America's No. 43 prospect, Colvin, a high school righty, fell all of the way to the seventh round and pick No. 227. However, once there, he landed with the Phillies, a team that should be willing to spend after being the last team to make its first pick Tuesday. Because of the Raul Ibanez signing, the Phillies were without a first-rounder and didn't draft until pick No. 75.

- Kyle Heckathorn (RHP Brewers), Tyler Skaggs (LHP Angels), Kentrail Davis (OF Brewers) - All three players may have expected to get the call in round one, but slipping to the supplemental round wasn't such a bad thing. Unlike true first- and second-rounders, supplemental picks aren't protected, so if these players go unsigned, their teams won't get bonus picks next year. That will give the teams more incentive to sign the players.