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Yankee Stadium: lots of dingers, but not "Coors East"

Mel Antonen of USA Today has an article up about all of the homers flying out of Yankee Stadium:

Indeed, two months into the season the most expensive stadium ever built is being tormented by unpredictable winds and beset by a chaotic debate over whether the home runs there are the cheapest aspect of the $1.5 billion ballpark. "There's no doubt that the new Yankee Stadium has taken over as the best hitters' park in baseball," Baltimore Orioles first baseman Aubrey Huff says. "Someone's going to hit 90 home runs there."

And, yes, by any measure the homers are up. But that's not the whole story. That's because while the homers are up in dramatic fashion, overall offense, while up as well, is not up in nearly as dramatically. As Replacement Level Yankees' Weblog noted last week, Yankee Stadium's park factor on the young season is 106, which favors offense. Fenway Park's park factor over the past five seasons is . . . 106.

Granted, it's painfully early to be talking park effects -- guys who know more about these things than I do tend to want at least three years of data before making anything approaching a definitive conclusion -- but helping to to put the numbers in perspective, Coors Field's lowest ever park factor was 107, and for years sported park factors between 108 and 129, which made for a substantially more offense-friendly environment than anything we're seeing in New York.

I don't suppose that makes the guys giving up the dingers any happier, but it does put lie to the claim that Yankee Stadium is "Coors East."