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Rangers tell fan 'Yankees Suck' shirt is 'profane'

According to the Dallas Morning News, earlier this week a female Rangers fan wearing a "Yankees Suck" t-shirt was asked to either turn it inside out or leave the ballpark ... in Texas.

But wait, it gets better. Kristen Knapp-Webb was at the Rangers-Yankees game celebrating her 19th wedding anniversary and her husband Walter had given her the shirt as an anniversary present. All of which puts her in contention for "Wife of the Year" honors.

Anyway, security approached the happy couple before the game and informed them that they considered her shirt "profane." I'm assuming that they meant the "suck" part and not the "Yankees" part, but you never know. Here's what Rangers spokesperson John Blake said afterward:

That particular phrase is one we've received a lot of complaints about. That kind of thing is offensive to a lot of people, especially if you have young children and that kind of thing. And I think that's why we have that policy.

As someone who has this t-shirt in his closet--here's proof, if you don't believe me--I'm perhaps somewhat biased on this topic, but the notion of protecting "young children" from seeing the word "suck" on a piece of clothing seems fairly ridiculous. After all, the Morning News has no problem putting "Yankees Suck" in the story's headline, and presumably more children read the newspaper than a woman's t-shirt.

Plus, raising children to hate the Yankees is part of what makes America great.