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History Lesson: media coverage and the triple crown

Lar at Wezen-Ball takes a look back at an article from 1997 that, in turn, takes a look back at Carl Yastrzemski's 1967 Triple Crown. This quote from Yaz floored me:

". . . being in the pennant race, I was so focused that I didn't know I had won it until the next day. There wasn't any media attention on the Triple Crown. None whatsoever. It was the first time Boston had been in a pennant race in a long time, and everything and everyone was focused on it.'"

Could you imagine what would happen today if a player even entered mid-August with leads in all three of the triple crown categories? ESPN would embed reporters in the field, talk radio would go absolutely crazy, and the Internets would probably explode. I can't even conceive of there being minor coverage, let alone none.

Beyond that, Lar has some good analysis regarding the odds of someone winning the triple crown today. I think he's right when he notes that hitters are more specialized today, with teams having a much greater tolerance for power hitters who strike out a lot, which in turn, drastically lowers their shot at a batting title, especially with slap hitter like Freddy Sanchez and Ichiro hanging around. Lar thinks that, among current players, Mauer and Pujols have the best shot of winning it. I can't say I disagree, though I think the window will be closing on Pujols's chances fairly quickly.

Anyway, good stuff as always from Wezen-Ball.