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Zambrano a chip off the ol' Piniella

Carlos Zambrano did his best Mount Piniella impression on Wednesday, going on a ball-throwing, bat-swinging rampage after a disputed play at the plate led to his ejection.

As Zambrano argued a close play at the plate – in which Pirates runner Nyjer Morgan was called safe by home plate umpire Mark Carlson – the 6-foot-5 Cubs pitcher bumped Carlson. Carlson immediate tossed Zambrano, as manager Lou Piniella watched from behind with a look that almost looked like fatherly pride.

You can watch video of the incident here.

Zambrano was contrite after the game, saying of Carlson "I apologize to him."

In a twist of irony, Piniella said Zambrano has to learn to control himself.

"He's got to tone it down a little," Piniella said. "He cares, but gosh you can argue a little bit, get your point across to the umpire that he thought the runner was out and just get back and go out and pitch."


Piniella: "That's my boy!"

This from a guy that once got into a wrestling match with his own player in the clubhouse. A guy who used to be an Olympic-caliber base-thrower and cap kicker.

(Although at least he never did any of these things.)

But really, Zambrano should calm down. After all, experts say these temper tantrums just aren't healthy.

It's enough to make you want to shout but most psychologists say throwing a tantrum to deal with stress is not a good idea.

"If you vent anger what happens is you're rehearsing, reinforcing in your own mind that that anger is legitimate," Dr. Pamela Foley said.

Foley recommends taking time outs and "exercise has shown to have tremendous effects on dealing with anxiety stress and depression."

There you go Carlos, exercise is the key. Take a bike ride. Maybe walk to the park and feed the ducks.

Just go easy on the drink dispenser.