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The Nats' GM is classless

The Nationals have designated Daniel Cabrera for assignment. That's fine. He's not at all effective and really can't help the Nats in any way shape or form at present. What's not so fine is the way acting-GM Mike Rizzo described the move:

"You have to put your best 25 players on the roster that are giving you a chance to win. I look beyond the contract and look at the execution and performance of the player, and it wasn't up to par. I was tired of watching him."

I realize that Rizzo may simply be giving voice to the sentiments of all Nats' fans, but its rather unprofessional and classless for a team executive to say that he was "tired of watching" a guy. Cabrera just got fired. How would you like it if your boss fired you and said "I was tired of watching that guy process expense reports?" Better yet, how would you like to still have your job and hear your boss talk that way about the guy in the next cubicle over that he just canned? It's unnecessarily dismissive. It casts an employee's termination as a function of the boss' subjective whims rather than some objective, performance-based metric. It creates an environment in which everyone still around probably wonders what the boss is thinking about them too, which has to be a morale killer.

I realize that Cabrera will probably manage to somehow soldier through this terrible emotional abuse with the couple of million bucks he's still owed this year, but both he and the remaining Nats players deserve better than that from Rizzo.