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Dodgers doing just fine without Manny

Juan Pierre is doing a pretty good Manny impression

Manny Ramirez worked out at Dodger Stadium yesterday for the first time since being suspended three weeks ago.

He's already completed one-third of the suspension, sitting out 17 of 50 games, and as expected the Dodgers are doing just fine without him.

Los Angeles is 10-7 without Ramirez and has increased its lead in the NL West from 6.5 games to 7.5 games despite the second-place Padres riding a 10-game winning streak.

Juan Pierre has replaced Ramirez in left field for each of the 17 games, batting .397/.482/.562 with 11 multi-hit games, eight steals, 13 RBIs, and 16 runs scored.

For comparison, Ramirez was batting .348/.492/.641 in 27 games prior to being suspended and has hit .380/.490/.710 in 80 total games with the Dodgers. Pierre hasn't been quite that great and should come crashing back down to earth any moment now, but when you account for the upgrade defensively in left field the Dodgers haven't missed a beat.