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Obama picks baseball-friendly Supreme Court nominee

President Obama has chosen a nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Souter:

President Barack Obama named federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor as the nation's first Hispanic Supreme Court justice on Tuesday, praising her as "an inspiring woman" with both the intellect and compassion to interpret the Constitution wisely.

Obama said Sotomayor has more experience as a judge than any current member of the high court had when nominated, adding she has earned the "respect of colleagues on the bench," the admiration of lawyers who appear in her court and "the adoration of her clerks."

Blah, blah, blah experience, blah, blah, blah admiration, blah, blah, blah judicial temperament. The coolest thing about the new nominee is that on March 30, 1995, she put an end to the worst strike in baseball history, when she issued the preliminary injunction against the owners preventing them from unilaterally implementing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and using replacement players. The owners gave up the ghost right after that, and by doing so, the path was cleared for the 1995 season to begin. Gravy: the Braves won the World Series that year.

So sure, we're about to go through a rough couple of months in which Sotomayor's record will be scrutinized, her politics examined and her name attacked, lauded, and then attacked again. Many doing the attacking and supporting will be adherents to a single issue with which they're obsessed like guns or abortion or civil rights or gay marriage. Well, I have a single issue with which I'm obsessed: baseball. So far Sotomayor is batting 1.000 in that department, so as far as I'm concerned, let's skip all of the ugliness that's about to begin, confirm her and get on with the pennant races.