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Jose Canseco can't hit, is going to get beat up

While in Japan for Tuesday's mixed martial arts match against Hong Man Choi, Jose Canseco attended a Yokohama BayStars game yesterday and took some swings off former Mariners closer Kazuhiro Sasaki.

Sasaki is 41 years old, hasn't pitched professionally since posting a 9.00 ERA in 2005, and wore jeans for the pregame faceoff, yet the 44-year-old Canseco only "got wood on a few" pitches and "didn't hit any out of the park."

"His fastball and forkball haven't changed much since he was in the major leagues," Canseco said afterward. "I should have practiced more."

Interestingly, he'll likely be echoing that same "should have practiced more" sentiment tomorrow after Choi--who's 7-foot-2 and a legitimate kickboxer--destroys him. The good news for Canseco is that it'll be tough for his first (and perhaps last) MMA match to be any less successful than his latest press conference.

So far Canseco the fighter is 0-1-1 in boxing matches against 5-foot-9 former NFL player Vai Sikahema and 5-foot-5 former child actor Danny Bonaduce, so I'll be shocked if he lasts more than one round against Choi and wouldn't be surprised at all if he simply takes a dive.

"I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm scared," Canseco said. "This guy is huge." According to Baseball-Reference.com, Canseco earned over $45 million in salary during his 16-year baseball career. Save your money, kids.