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Potent quotables: Santana fired up

Wang not-so-hot in return

"We have to get him fixed. That's not the Ricky Nolasco we saw last year. Before it gets any worse, let's try to get him better. This guy is a tremendous competitor and I know he'll get it straightened out."

- Fredi Gonzalez on Ricky Nolasco's demotion to Triple-A New Orleans following Friday's 15-2 beatdown by the Rays. After a 15-win season in 2008, Nolasco has a 9.07 ERA in his first nine starts this season. Hey, a trip to the farm straightened out Brett Myers, right?

"It got me fired up."

- Johan Santana on Kevin Youkilis' reaction to getting hit by a pitch on Friday night. Youkilis stared out at the Mets' ace as he walked down to first base and Santana "didn't appreciate that" very much. Despite three errors behind him, Santana threw spun strong innings in a 5-3 win.

"Honestly, it felt like my first homer in the big leagues, I'm not going to lie."

- Struggling outfielder Chris Young after his solo home run proved the difference in a 2-1 win over the Athletics on Friday night. He ended an 0-for-21 hitless streak with the homer, his first in over a month.

"I am emotionally a little worn out."

- Jake Peavy on a whirlwind for 48 hours capped by six shutout innings against the Cubs on Friday night. He struck out 10 in his fourth win and currently leads the majors with 79 strikeouts. Oh, and by the way, still a Padre.

"I saw a lot more velocity, a lot more sink when the balls were down. He still left some balls up, but it was a big step in the right direction."

- Joe Girardi invests in some rose-colored glasses after Chien-Ming Wang's return in relief during Friday night's 7-3 loss to the Phillies. Wang was knocked around for two runs on six hits in three innings of work. His ERA actually went down to 25.00 in the appearance.

"It's picking up, but it is going to take both of us getting out of the cellar."

- Manny Acta on the burgeoning rivalry between the Nationals and Orioles. Wait, did I just say burgeoning? I meant non-existant.