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Friday's observations

Nolasco got himself demoted to Triple-A with Friday's performance.

- Jordan Zimmermann's ERA was up over 6.00 before his outing Friday, but it was mostly the result of an unusually high average against. He showed against the Orioles why he's worth holding on to. Very good fastball, above average command, excellent strikeout rateā€¦ the only thing not to like is that he's a Nationals pitcher.

- Seven more homers at Yankee Stadium. That makes 82 in 21 games so far. Of course, the Bombers would have more homers than the typical team anyway, but that's basically twice the rate at which homers are being hit at other parks.

- As usual, it was the right-handed hitters doing the damage against Brett Myers. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter hit two of the three solo shots, with Mark Teixeira delivering the other. Even though Myers has faced more lefties than righties this season, righties have hit 11 of the 15 homers off him.

- In his first appearance back from the DL, Chien-Ming Wang allowed six hits, including a Raul Ibanez solo homer, and two runs in three innings after replacing A.J. Burnett. He was throwing harder than he did at the beginning of the year, but the sink on his fastball still isn't there.

- With Fernando Rodney having worked three straight days, Joel Zumaya was given his first save chance for the Tigers and was quite shaky, giving up a two-run homer before putting the Rockies away. It's likely to be Zumaya's job eventually, but Rodney is 8-for-8 converting opportunities and doesn't figure to be replaced anytime soon.

- I suppose Ricky Nolasco really was that bad on Friday. Still, the demotion to Triple-A bugs me because a) he really was pitching well before his outing Monday was rained out and b) his schedule was thrown off by the rainout and he ended up working on three days' rest tonight. Nolasco had fanned 37 and walked 13 in his 43 2/3 innings. That he had allowed 56 hits was partially due to the Marlins continuing to field one of the game's worst defenses.

- If the Marlins have to keep playing Emilio Bonifacio, maybe it's time that they put him in the outfield and Chris Coghlan at third base. They've given Bonifacio some time in left anyway. Bonifacio has committed seven errors in his 37 starts at third, while Coghlan, who had never played the outfield until this month, has committed two errors in nine games in left. Coghlan's future is certainly in the infield, while Bonifacio is most likely going to be a utilityman (if he does last as a regular, it would be as a second baseman). Maybe Coghlan wouldn't be an upgrade on Bonifacio at third, but I can guarantee that Bonifacio would fare better in the outfield than Coghlan has.

- Daisuke Matsuzaka was better that his line suggests in his return from the DL. Julio Lugo's poor double-play turn in the fourth led to two runs off him and drove up his pitch count enough to get him out after five innings rather than six. That said, Johan Santana's defense let him down more than Dice-K's did and he was able to overcome it.