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The ballparks of the future sound simply dreadful

Now that almost every team has built a new stadium in the past 20 years (whether they needed one or whether they did not), some clever folks are speculating what the next generation of ballparks will look like:

Holland said holographic technology is advancing rapidly and will be available for advertisements shortly. He also said his company is working on technologies that will engage younger fans who like to do more than just sit and watch . . .

. . . "This experience is going to be about over-stimulating the senses," he said in an interview. "Bigger and brighter video boards, flashy signage, luxury seating with televisions offering multiple camera angles and in-seat ordering."

I don't think I'm alone in saying that the new breed of ballpark is already an over-stimulating experience. Sure, they're comfy places, but why and when was it decided that fans won't come to the ballpark unless there is loud music, massive video boards leading the cheers, lame pep squads shooting t-shirts into the stands and all manner of other distractions every half inning? Ballparks did just fine with a warm day, green grass, hot dogs, beer, some tinkling organ music and, oh yeah, a ballgame to attract fans. I don't think that model ever broke, and I'm not sure why someone decided to "fix" it. If the new breed of ballparks are going to amp up such distractions to even greater degrees my days of going to the ballpark will likely end.

Of course I'll be too busy taking fiber supplements and telling kids to get off my lawn by then to have gone anyway, but this is about principle more than anything.

(thanks to Ron Rollins of the excellent Baseball Over Here for the link).