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History Lesson: Pitchers having to bat in the DH era

Mentioned in the recaps this morning -- and all over the Internet too, because it's a lot of fun to talk about -- is the Rays' lineup snafu which cost them their DH. I don't personally have much more to add to the story, but blogger Bill at The Daily Something did some historical backfill on this that is worth reading. Bill notes that AL managers have batted their pitchers instead of DHs, intentionally or otherwise, eleven times in the DH-era, and runs down the highlights from many of them. This one is Bill's favorite, and mine too:

October 2, 1974. It's the last day of the season, and Rangers manager Billy Martin forgoes the DH entirely in order to let future Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins hit for himself. Jenkins -- a career .163 hitter -- does quite well for himself, going 1-for-2...and his one hit, coming in the sixth, breaks up the no-hitter of the Twins' Jim Hughes! Jenkins comes around to score, helping himself on the way to a 3-2 comeback win, Jenkins' 25th of the year.

Martin loved messing around like that almost as much as he loved the cold refreshing taste of Ballantine's Beer. Not the same situation, but Martin once used pitcher Rick Rhoden as the DH. I watched it on TV, as it was NBC's Game of the Week. If I remember correctly, Vin Scully was calling it, made note of it, and then he and Joe Garagiola went on and actually called the baseball game like it was any other game. I get the distinct impression that if such a thing were to happen today, say on the ESPN Sunday night game, Miller, Morgan and Phillips would forgo all pretense of doing their jobs and talk about nothing other than the batting pitcher for most of the game.