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Ghosts in Milwaukee


Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post shared an amusing story about the Marlins' road trip to Milwaukee:

At least two pairs of Marlins players are sharing a room in Milwaukee because of their fear of ghosts. The Pfister Hotel is famous for its ghost stories and paranormal activity. And stories of other baseball players' ghostly encounters there have made their way around clubhouses.

Capozzi also notes that Adrian Beltre "once slept with a bat for protection after he said he had a brush with a ghost in his room at the Pfister."

Having soaked all that in, my question is this: What kind of grown man is afraid of ghosts, yet still thinks they can be harmed by a baseball bat?

Also, I'm able to report that my mother recently spent a week in Milwaukee and ate multiple meals at the Pfister hotel, but experienced nothing scarier than running into NBA player Damon Jones in the elevator. She did hit him with a baseball bat, though.