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Stat of the Day - Int. League ERA leaders

1. Kris Medlen (Braves) - 0.96
2. Clay Buchholz (Red Sox) - 1.03
3. Michael Bowden (Red Sox) - 1.06
4. Anthony Swarzak (Twins) - 1.70
5. Wes Whisler (White Sox) - 1.76
6. Craig Stammen (Nationals) - 1.85
7. Carlos Torres (White Sox) - 1.91
8. Tommy Hanson (Braves) - 1.99
9. Chris Tillman (Orioles) - 2.03
10. Nelson Figueroa (Mets) - 2.57

11. Kevin Mulvey (Twins) - 2.67
12. J.D. Martin (Nationals) - 2.88
13. Matt Maloney (Reds) - 2.89
14. Lucas French (Tigers) - 2.91
15. Charlie Morton (Braves) - 3.07
16. Enrique Gonzalez (Red Sox) - 3.16
17. Tomo Ohka (Indians) - 3.54
18. Justin Lehr (Phillies) - 3.63
19. Marco Estrada (Nationals) - 3.67
20. Wade Davis (Rays) - 3.71

- Take a picture: the list certainly won't be this prospect-laden come the second half of the year, with several young arms likely to be promoted. The Braves should already have tried Medlen as a reliever, and they could bring up Hanson to start next month if Tom Glavine has another setback. Swarzak and Mulvey are next in line for spots in the Minnesota rotation should anything happen to one of the team's current five starters, and the Red Sox may yet have been of Buchholz and Bowden, though they're hoping for the best with Daisuke Matsuzaka and John Smoltz. Of the top prospects on the list, Bowden, Tillman and Davis would seem to be the best bets to still be in Triple-A on Aug. 1.

- Hanson tops the circuit with 57 strikeouts in 40 2/3 innings. He's 13 ahead of Medlen, who ranks second. Medlen is also second in WHIP (0.78), this time to Buchholz (0.74).

- Missing is David Price, who currently has a 4.60 ERA while being allowed to throw only four or five innings per start. That the Rays are being so careful about managing his innings and pitch count has had an adverse effect on his performance, though it could pay off come August and September.

- The White Sox would probably pick Torres over Whisler if they need to reach down for another starter. Torres projects best as a reliever because of his problems against lefties, but he has better stuff than Whisler, who possesses a 22/16 K/BB ratio in 41 innings.