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Who's the bigger villian: Bonds or Clemens?

Looking better by the day

If you had told me a year or two ago that we'd eventually have a bigger steroid villain than Barry Bonds, I would have said you were nuts. But according to SI's Jon Heyman, both the feds and people inside baseball are changing their focus to Roger Clemens:

While the feds haven't made their move on him yet, I firmly believe -- and many baseball people believe -- he has more chance to wind up in jail than Barry Bonds. Bonds' alleged crime is that he told a grand jury years ago that he didn't "knowingly" take steroids. He didn't do that in front of Congress or on a national news show. And as one baseball person said to me yesterday, there's something almost admirable in Bonds' defiance. Maybe, maybe not. But I do think six years is long enough to pursue a case against someone who tells a murky story about steroids, even under oath.

Sources say Clemens is being pursued even harder by the feds at this point. Sources say the feds are taking their time and making sure they get their man . . . Bonds didn't drag his wife into it like Clemens did. Bonds didn't drag his buddy's father (Andy Pettitte's dad) into it like Clemens did. Bonds didn't lie about anyone else like Clemens did. Bonds didn't falsely sue anyone like Clemens did. Right now, Bonds looks like the better guy. And more important, he looks like the guy with the better case, too.

I've gone on at length about the weaknesses in the criminal case against Barry Bonds, so the conclusion that he has less in the way of legal jeopardy than Clemens is not much of a surprise. I am somewhat surprised, however that people within baseball are going soft on Barry. Is it a matter of time healing all wounds, or simply that the Roger Clemens show is simply that much more outrageous? Maybe a little of both.