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Tom Glavine angling to come back

I can't bear to watch

Earlier this spring, Tom Glavine pitched in some minor league games, felt pain, and contemplated retirement. He hasn't pitched in a game since, but his side sessions have him thinking comeback:

If the Braves need to replace struggling starter Jo-Jo Reyes, they could do it with a 300-game winner. If they can wait a couple of more weeks.

Tom Glavine "let it fly" in two simulated innings of work in the Citi Field bullpen Wednesday, then said he felt as good or better than he did in spring training. He hopes to join the Braves' rotation by the end of May . . .

. . . "Based on what I did today, I could definitely pitch in a game," Glavine said. "We just have to figure out if I do it in a controlled environment like [Wednesday], or go pitch three innings in a [minor league] game."

Braves fans like me have to be torn about this. On the one hand, we'd like to see him come back, pitch well, and allow himself to retire on his own terms rather than leave the game on the DL. On the other hand, I think there's a distinct possibility that he comes back and gets destroyed, rendering our final image of the future Hall of Famer a sad one. And yeah, the fact that (a) barring injury, there's really only one rotation slot in play in Atlanta (Reyes'); and (b) we're all itching to see what super prospect Tommy Hanson can do, Glavine's presence complicates things all the more.

I guess in an ideal world he comes back, pitches a three hit shutout, decides he has nothing left to prove and retires on top, paving the way for Hanson. I just don't see that happening.