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The Running Man: Jayson Werth

Last night Matthew Pouliot noted just how unlikely it was for Jayson Werth to steal four bases in a game and he's absolutely right: Werth had 47 career steals in 488 games and he'd never swiped more than two bags in a game before.

However, while Werth was never much for quantity on the bases prior to last night the 6-foot-5 former catcher has quietly been one of the most efficient low-volume base-stealers in baseball history.

Werth has been thrown out just six times in 57 career steal attempts and has never been gunned down more than twice in a season. Among players who've been caught stealing no more than a half-dozen times during their careers, here are the leaders in stolen bases since 1950:

                      SB     CS      SB%
Nate McLouth          60      5     92.3
JAYSON WERTH          51      6     89.5
Jimmy Sexton          36      6     85.7
Dustin Pedroia        31      6     83.8
Joe Mauer             30      6     83.3

Amusingly, three players (Richie Scheinblum, Bob Schmidt, Hank Edwards) went 0-for-6 swiping bases during that time and current Rockies manager Clint Hurdle was 1-for-7 during his 10-year playing career (it's been a tough morning for Clint here at Circling the Bases).

Obviously being successful on 90 percent of your steal attempts is extremely impressive, but much like a basketball player who sinks every shot he takes it does make me wonder why Werth isn't being asked to run more often. He's 27-for-29 (93.1 percent) dating back to last season.