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The Yankees consider most of you to be trespassers

"Papers please"

The Yankees have taken all kinds of heat for their new stadium. It's too expensive. It's too homer friendly. It's too fan unfriendly. The team playing in it is uninspiring and past its prime.

Wait, that last one has nothing to do with the stadium, so let's save it for another post. But that fan unfriendliness thing is still going pretty strong, and one of the most obvious examples of this is the fact that the Yankees, bucking the practice of every single ballpark I've ever been to, don't allow fans without exclusive tickets to get near the field during batting practice. The policy is causing a P.R. problem for them.

When dealing with a P.R. issue like that, it's best to make statements that come off as sympathetic and understanding. Statements that are basically the polar opposite of the one the Yankees are giving:

Referring to the high-priced Legends Suite tickets clustered around home plate and the infield, Trost said that it was an area that fans without suite tickets would not be allowed to enter.

"If you purchase a suite, do you want somebody in your suite?" Trost said in remarks reported by The Associated Press. "If you purchase a home, do you want somebody in your home?"

To sum up, the Yankees consider seats at the field level to be "suites," and they consider anyone who doesn't buy those tickets to be trespassers or home invaders or something as opposed to, say, baseball fans who simply want to get close to the players hours before the game actually starts.

I suppose it's possible for the Yankees to have more contempt for the fans that have made them the richest organization in team sports, but I'm not sure exactly how they could do it. Turning the hoses on people in the cheap seats every couple of innings? Random beatings, perhaps?