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Tuesday's observations

- The Cardinals need to go find someone who can help out against left-handers. Outside of an Albert Pujols homer in the first inning tonight, they were helpless against Zach Duke. Three of their four outfielders are left-handed hitters and the other, Ryan Ludwick, has an OPS 100 points higher against righties in his career. Giving Shane Robinson a look with Rick Ankiel on the DL wasn't a bad idea and Joe Mather might return to contribute later on, but it'd be nice to have a quality right-handed-hitting outfielder on the bench.

- Chris Davis homered in a second straight game and struck out in a 20th straight. He's up to 50 K's in the Rangers' 32 games, putting him on pace for 253.

- Friend and part-time Rotoworld co-worker Nate Stephens gave me this list after the Dodgers-Phillies game:

Most unlikely:
A) Jayson Werth steals home
B) Jayson Werth steals four bases in a game
C) Ryan Howard steals a base
D) Pedro Feliz draws four walks in a game

I went with B, with the qualification that the Padres weren't the Phillies' opponents. D, though, was probably an even better choice, if one allows for the word "draw" to separate unintentional and intentional walks. Feliz had never walked four times in a game. He had three career three-walk games and two of them involved an intentional walk.

Russell Martin had been 9-for-21 throwing out basestealers before the Phillies went 6-for-6 against him tonight.

- The decision to have Rafael Soriano pitch the eighth in a 6-2 game Monday may have cost the Braves tonight's affair against the Mets. I don't think Jair Jurrjens comes back out for the eighth if Soriano is ready to pitch, and even if he did start the eighth, he wouldn't have been left in to give up the two-run double to Jose Reyes. The Braves, though, didn't want to use Soriano three days in a row.

In Bobby Cox's defense, it was 5-2 when Soriano started warming up Monday. And if you're going to warm up a pitcher like Soriano, you might as well bring him in.

- Luke Hochevar is going to be an upgrade for the Royals, but it's not like he experienced a major breakthrough in Triple-A this year. With his stuff, he's a third or fourth starter in the majors. Fortunately, that's all Kansas City needs him to be right now, even if fantasy owners are hoping for something more.

- The Indians would be foolish to give Jeremy Sowers any additional starts. He gave up three homers in four innings versus a White Sox lineup with three quality major league hitters.

- I really, really don't get Fredi Gonzalez sometimes. On Sunday, Jeremy Hermida hit eighth against a right-hander. Tonight, he hit second against a left-hander. Hermida entered the day with a .176 average against lefties and a .271 mark against righties.

- Impatient opponents are making it easy on him, but Ubaldo Jimenez has gone from 17 walks in his first four starts to two, one and none in his last three. He still hasn't allowed a homer in 40 innings this season.

- Nick Johnson hit .338/.407/.442 in 77 at-bats in April and it got him five RBI. In May, he's hit .268/.380/.366 in 41 at-bats and he has 12 RBI. His homer tonight was his third, but he also would have had one in Monday's game if not for the wind knocking the ball down.