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Canseco stretches definition of 'press conference'

Time may have proven Jose Canseco right about a lot of things, but apparently the media still isn't all that interested in hearing about it. Canseco held a press conference yesterday to give his thoughts on Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, and various other steroid-related topics, and either just one lonely reporter showed up to cover the event or there were a whole bunch of reporters there disguised as empty chairs. You decide!

Luckily there was also a camera person standing somewhere in the back, so you can watch footage of the "press conference" that's probably more accurately described as a "conversation" between Canseco and Associated Press reporter Greg Risling. I give him credit for opening with "anyone have any questions?" because I probably would have started with "hey Greg, what's going on?"

As you can see, based on his chosen attire Canseco may have had an inkling that the proceedings would be sparsely attended.