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Paul Janish has some gitty-up on that fastball

I mentioned in the recaps how pitiful Bronson Arroyo's performance was -- and it was -- but there was another bad pitching line in the Reds-Brewers game: (1 IP, 5 H, 5 ER). Not as bad as Arroyo's, certainly, and made to seem all the better by the fact that it was put up by shortstop Paul Janish:

The Brewers topped it off with five runs in the ninth off shortstop Paul Janish, who moved to the mound to save Cincinnati's depleted pitching staff. The bullpen was still recovering from a 14-inning loss in Florida on Monday, and manager Dusty Baker decided to let Janish - a pitcher at Rice - take the final inning.

"That's the first time I've done that in my career,'' Baker said. "It was a process of elimination. It was almost like Little League - 'Who wants to pitch?'''

According to the game story, Janish hit 92 on the gun, and the highlight I saw on the morning news showed that he had some excellent location when he struck out J.J. Hardy on outside corner. I've seen three of Bronson Arroyo's starts this year and (a) he has not yet reached 92 m.p.h and has considerable trouble placing it on the outside corner.

Hmmmm . . .