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Wednesday's observations

- Nice of the Yankees to keep changing relievers until they found one to lose the game. Edwar Ramirez gave up just an infield single in his inning, Jonathan Albaladejo got three straight groundouts and Mariano Rivera was Mariano Rivera. Why did all of them have to come out after just one inning of work?

I can understand the reluctance to lose Rivera for Thursday's game, but the Rays were on their fifth reliever when the ninth ended and the Yankees had the top of their lineup coming up in the bottom of the 10th. Isn't it worth giving Rivera that second inning and trying to win this game rather than waiting to see if the team is going to have a modest lead in the ninth inning on Thursday? He hadn't pitched in six days, so he surely had plenty left in the tank.

As it turned out, Phil Coke gave up a run in the top of the 10th and the Yankees failed to score in the bottom of the inning, even though they got the tying run to third with one out.

- David Wright is clearly trying too hard right now, and it certainly doesn't help that idiots are booing him (yes, if you're a Mets fan who boos David Wright, you are an idiot). 31 strikeouts in 26 games is completely uncharacteristic for him, and he's already matched his usual season total for caught stealings with five. He's 4-for-9 this season after entering the year 92-for-114 (80.7 percent).

- No starting pitcher has worse bad days than Bronson Arroyo. Wednesday's start was the fifth since the beginning of 2007 in which he's failed to get more than six outs. Last year, he had starts of seven runs in 1 1/3 innings and 10 runs in one-plus innings.

- Remember when Emilio Bonifacio was hitting .500? It's May 6 now and he's already fallen under my rather pessimistic prediction for him. He's batting .250/.297/.308 in 120 at-bats. I had him at .250/.302/.341 for the year.

I need to go dig up some of those puff pieces from three weeks ago.

- Yeah, Brian Giles' .162 average is a big problem for the Padres, but at least he's still battling on every at-bat. Kevin Kouzmanoff is making just as many outs and doesn't seem to care if it happens on the first or second pitch. I think it's time for him to sit out a few games. Edgar Gonzalez can't be any worse, and the Padres might yet be best off with Chase Headley playing third.

- How bad is Oakland's offense? Jack Cust is hitting .345/.500/.533 with runners on base this year and still has just 10 RBI in 87 at-bats. In Wednesday's loss, he went 3-for-4 with no runs or RBI. Orlando Cabrera and Matt Holliday are doing an awful job of getting on base in front of him, and even two hits aren't always going to score Jason Giambi after a walk.