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Getting tough not solution to Yankees' problems

As Matthew noted early this morning, Joba Chamberlain plunking Jason Bay following both his home run and Joe Girardi's threats on Monday was a pretty provocative act. Not provocative enough for some, including the Daily News' John Harper, who after passing mention of the bullpen's issues, homes in on what he feels is the bigger problem:

Or maybe the Yankees need to get extreme and go looking for a fight. These teams haven't brawled since 2004, when A-Rod and Jason Varitek squared off at Fenway Park. That brawl, remember, turned out to be what some people around the Red Sox thought was a turning point of sorts in The Rivalry, as the Sox soon after got hot and, of course, went on to finally put an end to the Curse of the Bambino that year.

Since then the Red Sox have had the upper hand between these teams, primarily because they've drafted and developed their own players with far more success than the Yankees.

But clearly the Yankees need to start taking it personally.

Yes, clearly the reason the Red Sox have been beating the Yankees so much lately is that the Yankees aren't beaning more guys or picking fights or whatever. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that, as Pete Abraham notes, "The Yankees have 25 players on their roster and you can make a case that 11 of them (Berroa, Pena, Cervelli, Gardner, Robertson, Ramirez, Melancon, Veras, Albaladejo, Hughes and Aceves) may or may not belong in the big leagues at this point." Certainly it has nothing to do with the fact that they've been missing their best hitter all season, a guy who is supposed to be their second or third starter, and now have lost their starting catcher again. It has nothing to do with the fact that their big free agent imports have started horrendously.

No, it's all about sliding with their spikes up and throwing chin music. Once they do that, I'm sure everything will be just fine.