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Link-O-Rama: John Buck's double triple

Triples machine

* How out of the blue were John Buck's two triples yesterday? Not only did he come into the game with a grand total of three career triples in nearly 2,000 plate appearances, he's now just the fifth catcher during the past 20 years with multiple three-baggers in a game. The others: Jason Kendall, Ivan Rodriguez, Brad Ausmus, Jeff Reed.

* Jason Bay's agent said yesterday that long-term contract negotiations with the Red Sox have stalled and the two sides "haven't even talked" since spring training. Bay becomes a free agent after this season and hit .324/.490/.634 with five homers, 19 RBIs, and an AL-leading 23 walks in April, so his price tag may have gone up just a tad since the initial talks.

* Amy K. Nelson is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers and her lengthy profile of former first-round pick (and second-round pick) Matt Harrington is definitely worth reading, if only as a reminder that "yes" is nearly always the right answer when someone offers you $5 million.

* First Nick Swisher, then Cody Ross, and now Jonathan Van Every. Apparently position players pitching is the new black.

* Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez thinks that the Mets are moving too slow.

* Like most Minnesotans, I'll be celebrating Mauer Day.