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Collecting the A-Rod reactions

It would appear that A-Rod is going to be the biggest story of the day. In light of this, let's take a swing around the blogosphere to see what everyone is saying:

River Ave. Blues:"It seems that Roberts' book is going to tread very little new ground. A bunch of anonymous sources are going to allege that they thought A-Rod maybe took steroids, and it sounds as though the book is missing the smoking gun of the same ilk as the supposedly anonymous test results . . .All in all, I'm fairly unsurprised by any of this. I didn't expect anything less, and it frankly sounds pretty tame compared to the revelations Roberts unleashed upon the baseball world in February. I believe she used her most concrete materials in the Sports Illustrated story."

It is about the money, stupid: "Just think: Another 8+ years of ARod fun. Hank shoulda let him walk when he had the chance."

WasWatching: "I suspect that Bud Selig could (or should) be interested in the suggestion that A-Rod intentionally tipped pitches. That borders on game fixing - in the sense that it could impact the run spread in a gameā€¦and it would help or hurt some gamblers."

Sliding Into Home: "Look, as a Yankees fans I don't want to believe any of this. But I'll be honest, it's very hard for me not to. After all we already know he's a cheater, so is it that much of stretch to believe he cheated before and/or after he admitted he cheated?"

Yankees' Daily: I wonder if games like yesterday where the Yankee relievers let in 5 runs in the 9th inning had anything to do with players tipping the opposing team. Since the Yankees were killing the Tigers, maybe Melky gave Granderson some signs on what pitch was coming. This could be the reason why Mariano gave up home runs two outings in a row. No, I really don't think that happened. Still, nothing that happens in this world shocks me anymore.

Red Sox Monster: "Color me crazy, but if members of the Yankees are leaking four-year-old nicknames that will obviously be repeated into eternity, somebody is clearly not happy to still be dealing with his drama. Again: A-Rod is scheduled to return to the field May 15. The book is scheduled for relase on May 12. What could possibly go wrong?"

Finally, Paul Kix at ESPN the Magazine has an excellent takedown of what we know about the Roberts' allegations via the Daily News story. Upshot: Roberts better have something more than what's being reported if she wishes her book to be taken as an act of journalism as opposed to a work of pedestrian scandal mongering.

This story, I'm guessing, isn't going away anytime soon.