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Grading Jim Hendry's offseason moves

The Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers grades the Cubs' offseason moves. The results: Milton Bradley signing: F; Mark DeRosa trade: F; Jason Marquis trade: D.

Given that there are 142 games to go, the entire exercise seems rather premature to me, if for no other reason than I expect that Bradley will eventually begin to contribute this year and I expect Jason Marquis to get shelled at something higher than his usual rate once the weather in Denver warms up. But, yeah, I suppose if you're going to give out grades now, those are about right.

At the same time, I also suppose that Rogers could have been even harder on Hendry if he had wanted to. For example, what grade is due for resigning Ryan Dempster to a four-year, $52 million contract in light of where the market went as the offseason progressed? I'd guess that decision contributed to letting Kerry Wood go, thereby necessitating the trade of young prospect Jose Ceda for Kevin Gregg, which a lot of Cubs fans can't be too happy about at the moment. All of these moves caused other dominoes to fall, so you could probably go on and on with this.

I think the Cubs will turn it around, win the division, and thereby make most of these moves recede into the background. If they don't, however, it seems pretty obvious that Jim Hendry will be the one that will take the fall.