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Link-O-Rama: Hoffman gets first Brewers save

* Brewers fans got their first taste of "Hell's Bells" last night and liked it, but Trevor Hoffman is "looking for more volume" and "might need to get more speakers in here" for his trademark entrance from the bullpen. Hoffman now has one save for Milwaukee to go along with his two saves in Florida and 552 saves in San Diego.

* Meanwhile, his replacement in San Diego has converted all eight of his save opportunities. In the wake of my earlier post about Emilio Bonifacio it might be in poor taste to say "I told you so" twice in one afternoon, but ... well, suffice it to say that I'm not shocked by Heath Bell getting the job done for the Padres.

* The Nationals have blown up their bullpen, removing Joel Hanrahan from the closer role and installing washed-up veterans Julian Tavarez and Kip Wells as the new late-inning combo. Yet while they shuffle deck chairs on the Titanic a 26-year-old with a 2.45 ERA and 46/22 K/BB in 55 career innings was lost for absolutely nothing because they didn't like his "aura."

* Apparently the White Sox and manager Ozzie Guillen don't quite agree with me that Freddy Garcia is toast, which is music to this Twins fan's ears.

* No one ponied up $17,000 to buy Derek Bell's World Series ring off Ebay. Operation Shutdown, indeed.