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Bonifacio bandwagon now has plenty of room

Remember when Emilio Bonifacio went 4-for-5 with three steals and an inside-the-park homer on Opening Day and everyone completely ignored his mediocre track record while tripping over themselves hopping on the bandwagon? And remember how I wrote the next day that "Bonifacio hardly projects as a strong leadoff man right now" and advised "don't go nuts for him just yet"?

Hopefully at least the Marlins fans who sent me angry e-mails remember, because despite getting off to a ridiculous 14-for-24 (.583) start Bonifacio is sporting a modest .274/.307/.345 line through 19 games and has swiped just three bases since Opening Day. Of course, the Marlins would have you believe that his trip back down to earth and measly .652 OPS is due to the league "making adjustments" in how to pitch him.

Perhaps, but .274/.307/.345 with lots of strikeouts and not many walks is just about what you'd expect from someone who hit .285/.341/.362 with lots of strikeouts and not many walks in the minors. Shocking, I know. For all the "game-changing speed" and supposed "upside" he's hit .250/.302/.333 through 79 games in the majors after putting together a minor-league resume that suggested "utility man" far more than "star."

If there's anyone left on his bandwagon at this point, feel free to let them know.