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Barry Zito needs to Twitter more


On Monday, Giants' closer Brian Wilson was catching grief from the San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman for his Twitter habits. Today, Barry Zito's Twitter habits are getting him googly eyes flashed his way from the San Francisco Chronicle's Gwen Knapp:

About six hours before he threw his first pitch Monday night, Barry Zito posted a favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln on his Twitter page: "I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." Was this a sign of softness, of meek passivism rather than the hostility appropriate for a confrontation with the Dodgers? No, it was just Zito being Zito, and on his way to preventing Manny from being lethally Manny . . .

. . . Twitter allows for some genuine, fairly spontaneous expression, and Zito's account contains more wit than I could have imagined. It can be banal and incomprehensible at times, just like most social-networking language - but there are many posts that reveal an enviable ability to turn a phrase, and others that display a healthy capacity for laughing at himself . . . [Wilson] and Zito will find it easier to stifle hitters if they're not stifling themselves.

OK, sure. The key to Barry Zito regaining his Cy Young form has nothing to do with his astonishing lack of velocity, his wavering command, and the fact that each of those things have made him fearful of challenging hitters. Really, it's all about his lack of self-expression since joining the Giants, and that problem will be solved by annoying social networking. Got it.