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Glendon Rusch retroactively awarded Monday's win

The Official scorer from Monday night's Rockies-Padres game has changed who the winning pitcher was:

After further review, the Colorado Rockies' official scorer changed the winner of Monday night's game to reliever Glendon Rusch.

Jason Grilli was originally credited with the win following the Rockies' 12-7 victory over the San Diego Padres on Monday. But scorer Dave Einspahr switched around the winners Tuesday night after reviewing Rusch's effectiveness in pitching out of a fourth-inning jam.

The reason for this is that the scorer actually decided to consult Rule 10.17(b), which reads as follows:

(b) If the pitcher whose team assumes a lead while such pitcher is in the game, or during the inning on offense in which such pitcher is removed from the game, and does not relinquish such lead, is a starting pitcher who has not completed

(1) five innings of a game that lasts six or more innings on defense, or

(2) four innings of a game that lasts five innings on defense, then the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the relief pitcher, if there is only one relief pitcher, or the relief pitcher who, in the official scorer's judgment was the most effective, if there is more than one relief pitcher.

This is what happened in Denver on Monday, as Jason Hammel was knocked out before he could complete the fifth, yet was the pitcher of record when his team took a lead that was not later relinquished.

So often in such situations the official scorer seems to automatically give the win to the first reliever out of the pen, even if he only faced a handful of hitters and didn't otherwise distinguish himself. While in this case Rusch was the first guy out of the pen, it's nice to see that the scorer actually employed the judgment call he is obligated to make in awarding the win as opposed to simply and erroneously believing that Rusch had to be that guy.